Strategic Security and Crime Prevention Adviser.

Registered Security Professional
Certified Corporate Security Management Specialist
International Crime Prevention Specialist
Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist
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Raymond Andersson, ASM. RSecP. CCSMS. ICPS. CATS. FCiiSCM. AFAIM is an international, national and corporate security professional.

Ray is a registered security professional, certified corporate security management specialist, international crime prevention specialist and certified anti-terrorism specialist, well versed in providing advice or leading security within culturally diverse, politically sensitive and strategically challenging environments.  

Ray has extensive experience in business administration, strategic security, protective security, risk management, safety systems, crime prevention and delivering security education and security awareness training, within public and private enterprises.

He is experienced in team as well as dedicated sole specialist roles; with a solid track record in general management, administration and workplace training, consultancy, governance and corporate management, within government, private enterprise and Not-For-Profit organization executive board environments.