Integrity, Professionalism,
Knowledge and Credibility

Born and educated in Australia, Raymond Andersson is an international, national, and corporate security professional.

He is a member of Security Professionals - Australasia, the peak representational body for the security profession in Australia and New Zealand holding academic qualifications in security, investigations, administration and management.

Ray is a member of a number of international security professionals including:

  • The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (Freeman),

  • ASIS International (Member),

  • International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (International Crime Prevention Specialist), and  

  • Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (Fellow). 

Ray is an elected member and Northern Territory of Australia representative on the Australian Crime Prevention Council. He is a Registered Security Professional (RSecP) and Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM).

In 2014, Ray received the Freedom of the City of London, by redemption, as a security professional and Freeman of the Livery Company.

In August 2017, Ray was awarded the Australian Security Medal. The Australian Security Medal (ASM) recognises the outstanding career and character of the security professionals who have demonstrated a consistent, high-level contribution to the wider community, possibly via innovative non-core business activities and projects, or via extraordinary performance in their professional role.   

Ray has been employed in private and public sector organizations providing advice on security and business risk, protective security, crime prevention, security and business policy and planning for over 28 years.

He has more recently been invited to teach Security and Risk Management courses at a number of Chinese training and education institutions, promoting professionalism in the security field at all times. 

Photopgraph of Raymond V Andersson