How can I help?

  • Security/safety needs assessment.
  • Targeted or geographical risk analysis, vulnerability assessment.
  • Comprehensive security and risk assessment audits and surveys.
  • Program performance audits.
  • Strategic master planning and program design .
  • Planning and design of integrated security systems.
  • Organisational development for security and safety staff.
  • Disaster recovery plans, emergency response programs.
  • Comprehensive security/safety program design.
  • Governance, policy development, standard practices & procedures.
  • Program testing, validation and implementation support.
  • Prevention programs (crime, loss, accident, workplace violence)
  • Training program design.
  • Workplace assessment.
  • Management briefings and seminars.
  • In-service training for professionals and other staff.
  • Employee awareness and self help programs.
  • Problem solving, countermeasures for special threats.
  • Crisis management support.
  • Crime Prevention consultancy.
  • Root cause analysis.